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Athens hotelsAchilleasAchilleas-Athens hotel
Syntagma Square     Achilleas Hotel map 图片
Achilleas Hotel Athens Greece

Achilleas hotel Athens has been recently renovated and is situated in the very center of Athens, just two minutes walk from Syntagma square, wher...AchilleasMore info »

Athens hotelsAcropolis SelectAcropolis Select-Athens hotel
Acropolis     Acropolis Select Hotel map 图片
Acropolis Select Hotel Athens Greece

Acropolis Select hotel is ideally located within the vicinity of the Acropolis and Plaka and only a 15 minutes walk from the heart of Athens an...Acropolis SelectMore info »

Athens hotelsAdrianAdrian-Athens hotel
Plaka     Adrian Hotel map 图片
Adrian Hotel Athens Greece

Adrian Hotel is positioned in the old and popular Plaka district. The hotel is in close proximity to tourist attractions such as the Acropolis,...AdrianMore info »

Athens hotelsAlassiaAlassia-Athens hotel
Omonia Square     Alassia Hotel map 图片
Alassia Hotel Athens Greece

Alassia Hotel is located in the city centre, near Omonia Square. Close to the historical and commercial centre and within walki...AlassiaMore info »

Athens hotelsArethusaArethusa-Athens hotel
Syntagma Square     Arethusa Hotel map 图片
Arethusa Hotel Athens Greece

Arethusa Hotel is a three star hotel, ideally located just next to Syntagma square and Plaka in Mitropoleos Street. The unique ...ArethusaMore info »

Athens hotelsArionArion-Athens hotel
Thission     Arion Hotel map 图片
Arion Hotel Athens Greece

Arion Hotel Athens is a new built 3 star superior hotel, which first opened in August 2004 with a fresh atmosphere and special touch and care t...ArionMore info »

Athens hotelsAthens Center Square HotelAthens Center Square Hotel-Athens hotel
Omonia Square
Athens Center Square Hotel

Athens Center Square Hotel is a modern hotel located in the heart of Athens. What makes this hotel special, is the creativity of its archite...Athens Center Square HotelMore info »

Athens hotelsAthens CypriaAthens Cypria-Athens hotel
Syntagma Square     Athens Cypria Hotel map 图片
Athens Cypria Hotel Athens Greece

Athens Cypria hotel is an entirely renovated and refurbished hotel in the hart of Athens. Only 150 meters from Syntagma...Athens CypriaMore info »

Athens hotelsBest Western MuseumBest Western Museum-Athens hotel
National Archaeological Museum
Best Western Museum Hotel Athens Greece

 Best Western Museum HotelWelcome to Best Western Museum Hotel!The Best Western Museum Hotel is centrally located and ...Best Western MuseumMore info »

Athens hotelsCandiaCandia-Athens hotel
Railway Station     Candia Hotel map 图片
Candia Hotel Athens Greece

Candia HotelCandia Hotel is situated in the Center of Athens, on the edge of the car restricted area, opposite the Rail...CandiaMore info »

Athens hotelsCentralCentral-Athens hotel
Plaka     Central Hotel map 图片
Central Hotel Athens Greece

Central hotelCentral hotel Athens is centrally located in the heart of the Old City of Plaka and the Acropolis...CentralMore info »

Athens hotelsCentro ResidenceCentro Residence-Athens hotel
Attiki Square
Centro Residence Hotel Athens Greece

Athens Centro Residence  Athens Centro Residence Apartments Hotel is a B class category establishment.It is a complex of...Centro ResidenceMore info »

Athens hotelsCentrotelCentrotel-Athens hotel
Victoria Square     Centrotel Hotel map 图片
Centrotel Hotel Athens Greece

Athens Centrotel HotelCentrotel started operating in July 2005. It's a recently constructed 7 floor building and it's especia...CentrotelMore info »

Athens hotelsCity PlazaCity Plaza-Athens hotel
Victoria Square
City Plaza Hotel Athens Greece

City Plaza Athens HotelThe 3-Star Superior City Plaza Hotel in Athens is well known for its cosy and friendly atmosphere that makes its ...City PlazaMore info »

Athens hotelsCrystal CityCrystal City-Athens hotel
Karaiskaki Square
Crystal City Hotel Athens Greece

Crystal City Hotel enjoys a most convenient location since it is found right in the centre of Athens and also very close to the beutiful National...Crystal CityMore info »

Athens hotelsDorian InnDorian Inn-Athens hotel
Omonia Square
Dorian Inn Hotel Athens Greece

Dorian Inn HotelDorian Inn Hotel is located at the Center of Athens Omonia Square. For the visitor of Athens, Omonia Square is the necessar...Dorian InnMore info »

Athens hotelsGolden CityGolden City-Athens hotel
National Archaeological Museum
Golden City Hotel Athens Greece

Athens Golden City Hotel is ideal in the center of Athens with easy access to public transportation. Hotel is only 5 min away from and Omonia sq a...Golden CityMore info »

Athens hotelsHermesHermes-Athens hotel
Plaka     Hermes Hotel map 图片
Hermes Hotel Athens Greece

Hotel HermesHermes  hotel is located in the heart of Athens - Plaka - near the museums, a few steps from Constitution...HermesMore info »

Athens hotelsIniohosIniohos-Athens hotel
Omonia Square     Iniohos Hotel map 图片
Iniohos Hotel Athens Greece

Iniohos hotelIniohos Hotel is an ultra modern hotel, situated in the heart of Athens, near Omonia square.Iniohos Hot...IniohosMore info »

Athens hotelsIonisIonis-Athens hotel
Omonia Square     Ionis Hotel map 图片
Ionis Hotel Athens Greece

Ionis HotelIonis Hotel is situated in the center of Athens, close to Omonia Square and the Nation...IonisMore info »

Athens hotelsJason InnJason Inn-Athens hotel
Thission     Jason Inn Hotel map 图片
Jason Inn Hotel Athens Greece

Jason Inn hotelJason Inn Hotel is close to the old market place of Athens - the Agora - and facing Kerame...Jason InnMore info »

Athens hotelsKing JasonKing Jason-Athens hotel
Omonia Square
King Jason Hotel Athens Greece

King Jason HotelKing Jason Hotel is located in the commercial centre of Athens. It is the ideal base for exploring the del...King JasonMore info »

Athens hotelsLilia Hotel PiraeusLilia Hotel Piraeus-Athens hotel
Piraeus - Castella
Lilia Hotel Piraeus Hotel Athens Greece

Lilia Hotel is centrally located a very close to Piraeus port. Surrounded by recreation and business places, it can fit the needs of various type...Lilia Hotel PiraeusMore info »

Athens hotelsNikiNiki-Athens hotel
Plaka     Niki Hotel map 图片
Niki Hotel Athens Greece

Niki hotelNiki Hotel is an historic hotel located at an exclusive quarter of Athens city center. The Acropolis, the old city of Plaka, the ...NikiMore info »

Athens hotelsPanPan-Athens hotel
Syntagma Square
Pan Hotel Athens Greece

Pan HotelPan Hotel is 3-star hotel with 33 rooms located in Syntagma Sq. in Athens. This place is ideal for business and p...PanMore info »

Athens hotelsPhilipposPhilippos-Athens hotel
Acropolis     Philippos Hotel map 图片
Philippos Hotel Athens Greece

Philippos HotelPhilippos Hotel is located in the city center, right at the foot of the Acropolis, below the Herodion Theatre...PhilipposMore info »

Athens hotelsPiraeus Dream HotelPiraeus Dream Hotel-Athens hotel
Piraeus - Castella
Piraeus Dream Hotel Hotel Athens Greece

Located in the centre of Piraeus town and close to the biggest Greek port, Piraeus Dream Hotel is ideal both for business travel and for holidays...Piraeus Dream HotelMore info »

Athens hotelsPlakaPlaka-Athens hotel
Plaka     Plaka Hotel map 图片
Plaka Hotel Athens Greece

Plaka HotelPlaka Hotel is located in the very center of Athens, in Plaka, the old town of Athens, where guests can visit t...PlakaMore info »

Athens hotelsPoseidonPoseidon-Athens hotel
Palio Faliro - Coastal     Poseidon Hotel map 图片
Poseidon Hotel Athens Greece

Poseidon HotelPoseidon Hotel is ideally located in Athens right on the beach of Paleo Faliro, one of the ...PoseidonMore info »

Athens hotelsPythagorionPythagorion-Athens hotel
Pythagorion Hotel Athens Greece

Best Western Pythagorion Hotel Pythagorion Hotel provides its guests with basic facilities and friendly service, the Best Western Pythag...PythagorionMore info »

Athens hotelsSavoy Hotel PiraeusSavoy Hotel Piraeus-Athens hotel
Piraeus - Castella
Savoy Hotel Piraeus Hotel Athens Greece

Savoy Hotel is ideal for business travelers as it offers plenty of working and conference facilities that help guests save time and money. At the...Savoy Hotel PiraeusMore info »

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